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By Darko


In Spain a national registry has been created to keep tabs on people who refuse to take the experimental COVID-19 vaccine. You may be asking yourself how that affects you. You don't live in Spain right? Me neither, but these events set a dangerous precedent for the rest of the free world. 

Similarly, the Brazilian Supreme Court just, "paved the way for state and municipal governments to approve laws imposing fines or restrictive measures for anyone refusing to take a vaccine."In other words: Mandatory Vaccination.

On Monday, South African President Ramaphosa announced that his country would be moving into to "lockdown level 3 at midnight on Monday 28 December."  

"As part of the new rules not wearing a mask is now a criminal offence and people who aren’t wearing masks in public can be arrested."

"Until now the owners and managers of shops and public buildings, employers and operators of public transport have had a legal responsibility to ensure that everyone entering their premises or vehicle is wearing a mask."

“But given the grave danger our country now faces, the adjusted level 3 regulations will make every individual legally responsible for wearing a mask in public,” said Ramaphosa.

"From now on it is compulsory for every person to wear a mask in a public space."

“A person who does not wear a cloth mask covering over the nose and mouth in a public place will be committing an offence,” he said.

A person who does not wear a mask could be arrested and prosecuted.

On conviction, they will be liable to a fine or to imprisonment for a period not exceeding six months or to both a fine and imprisonment.

“This is a drastic measure but is now necessary to ensure compliance with the most basic of preventative measures,” Ramaphosa said.

They also enacted a curfew, banned alcohol sales, banned indoor/ outdoor gatherings, shut down nonessential etc. But that's nothing new right? We're used to it. That's because its the new normal the mainstream media has been pushing 24/7.

What was drastic before is not drastic anymore. Its normal. But throwing people in jail and severely fining them for not wearing a mask has not been normalized yet. 

The Mexican government is sending pro-wrestlers to attack people on the streets for not wearing masks.

Desperate times call for desperate measures, and health authorities in Irapuato, central Mexico, took this advice to the extreme, by deploying a gang of ‘lucha libre’ fighters to enforce public mask wearing.  

In an apparent bid to enforce extreme compliance with mask wearing rules in public, authorities in the central Mexican city decided to, playfully, stomp out the problem of non-compliance. 

I can't confirm if the people being hit with folding chairs were actors or not, but the point was to promote "humiliation and force” as one person commented. They succeeded.

It appears to be legit. And these wrestlers were actually physically attacking people for not wearing mask outside. 

“This is how it should have been since the beginning. The response to the problem needs to be proportionate. If the people are stupid, well, f**k em!” wrote one commenter. 

We've seen You Tube videos of police beating up and choking out people for not wearing a mask. In Australia, they are beta testing to see how far a government can push these restrictions inside a "free and democratic" society. 

The Aussie police issued more than 170 fines in twenty-four hours to people for not wearing a masks. 

Let's take a trip to another commonwealth country. Ireland. Where an Irishman was jailed for two months for not wearing mask on public transport. 

Not wearing a face mask on Irish public transport can be deemed a criminal offense. 

The Castlebar District Court heard that Heasman ignored the bus driver, who repeatedly asked him to wear a mask properly. 

Judge Fiona Lydon, who presided over the case, described Heasman's actions as "totally inappropriate" considering there is an ongoing global health emergency. 

Preventing proper airflow so you have enough oxygen and breathing in stale bacteria ridden CO2 is appropriate. Losing your individual identity is also appropriate. After all there's a 'global health emergency.' Well, not really. Just shut up and do what your told. 

She sentenced him to two months in prison for his offense, stating that she was satisfied with all the evidence supplied by the state.

The Garda said that his refusal to wear a mask caused a number of passengers to get off the bus. 

Yes, there are actually people who think they are going to die if someone nearby isn't covering their face. Its retarded I know. But remember this is 2020. 

People are living in two separate realities at the same time. On one side there are those who live in the false reality or "clown world" and believe everything the media and government are dishing out. They really feel as though this is an actual pandemic that is killing everyone in its path even know there is no evidence to support that claim. 

They believe that Joe Biden was actually elected even though there is evidence that there was massive fraud carried out. They believe that they still have freedom of speech and live in a democracy where their vote counts. They believe that if they just give up all their rights and fall in line with these drastic dictates that it will all be over soon. And the only thing preventing them from going back to normal is us. Those "anti-maskers and anti-vaxxers."

Then we have the rest of us who are living in reality. We understand that this is not a dangerous pandemic and that the media and government are lying to us. That we have a 95-99% chance of surviving COVID-19 infection. We know that there is no evidence that mask/ face coverings or social distancing is effective at preventing the spread of COVID-19. 

We know that the much hyped vaccine will not prevent transmission, just mask mild symptoms. We know that no matter what we do we are not going back to normal so long as we continue to comply with these mandates. We know all this because these are facts. Anyone can find this information. At least for now.  

We also know that Joe Biden didn't not win the 2020 election. That whatever was left of our democracy and electoral process has now been destroyed. We are aware that you are not allowed to speak on any of these issue online, on television news or in public or you will be censored. 

I've encountered the two realities in my personal life. I find myself remaining quiet because I'm not sure how the other person will react. Usually I don't care what people think and I don't, but these COVID-19/ 2020 Election topics are different. I'm concerned about how people will react. They are living in a false reality where facts don't matter. They are emotionally invested into these events. There is no middle ground. No reasoning just fear and hatred. 

Days before Christmas UK's Prime Minister issued orders to shut everything down with another lockdown. This was totally planned. 

Back in October the Daily Mail reported,"Police will enter homes and break up Christmas dinners if families break lockdown rules."   

Mr Jamieson also warned riots could be sparked by 'heavy-handed' police. He fears Christmas restrictions could cause unrest.

So I'm sure they weren't surprised when cops were attacked over the Christmas holiday. 

The headline reads: Sussex residents kick, bite & spit on police in string of Christmas Day assaults on officers 

Detective Chief Superintendent Steve Rayland seemed to hint that the public was lashing out at police at least in part due to coronavirus restrictions put in place over the Christmas holiday. 

Why would you think that Detective SteveYou sound like one of those conspiracy nuts.

"We know things are tough at the moment, especially during the festive season, but we’re all in this together. 

Things are tough because of what you are doing to them. You are psychologically torturing and physically assaulting them when they don't comply with these restrictions and mandates. The police are not innocent bystanders just following orders. They are enforcing these cruel policies and that is why you are the focus of their frustration.   

Whatever the circumstances, there is absolutely no excuse to assault a police officer, and anyone found guilty of committing such an offense will be dealt with robustly,” he said. 

Of course its 'totally appropriate' for a police officer to assault a citizen because after all...There is an "ongoing global health emergency." And during an emergency you give up your freedom for safety and security. 

Those of us not living in a false reality know where all of this is going. They are creating the framework so that in the future you can be publicly executed for non-compliance. If people theoretically die because of your actions or in-actions then the punishment should be proportionate to your crime. See how that works. 



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