"New Covid Strain" Fulfills Endless Lockdown Agenda








By Darko


While driving on the expressway this week I noticed a public service announcement (PSA) sign that read: NEW YEAR, SAME VIRUS. MASK UP! And it made me think about how cruel these people really are. After a year of enduring  psychological torture, social conditioning, economic destruction and political upheavel Americans are reminded that this is far from over. They are bombarded by COVID-19 hysteria and threats to comply to these extreme mandates.

A day after the long awaited vaccines arrived the government health 'experts' declared that a new virus strain was detected. You see, people were told that if they endured 12-18 months of hell until a vaccine was ready that the so called 'pandemic' would all be over.

They admitted back in March 2020 that we could never go back to normal, but maybe a resemblance of normalcy as long as we accept these new permanent changes like social distancing and face coverings etc. 

It stands to reason that if people took their experimental vaccine that we would build herd immunity and could go back to normal. I personally know that we don't need a vaccine to build immunity but whatever. Either way, we achieve herd immunity, the lockdown ends and the face mask come off. 

Well that's not part of the plan. The plan is to maintain a permanent virus induced lockdown in order to bring about their sustainability (population reduction) agenda or Global Reset and the only way to accomplish that is to never end the 'pandemic.' 

It's the main reason why face coverings and social distancing will never end. They maintain the illusion that a threat actually exist even when there isn't one. This is why the government will still uphold all these mandates even after vaccination.

The media has been preparing the public for this harsh reality since Christmas with articles like this one: "COVID-19 will be 'with us for the next 10 years', warns vaccine chief"

Ugur Sahin is chief executive of Germany's BioNTech/Pfiezer and the creator of the world’s first approved COVID-19 vaccine.

“The virus will stay with us for the next 10 years,” he added, "We need to get used to the fact there’ll be more outbreaks.” 

Asked when he believed the world might be able to return to normal, Sahin responded: We need a new definition of ‘normal.

Our buddy Bill Gates recently "predicted" that lockdowns could continue into 2022.

WHO Director-General Ghebreyesus said coronavirus pandemic is ‘not the big one" and "we need to get our act together." 

He also said, "We live in an increasingly complex global society. These threats will continue."  

He's not predicting this based off any real scientific data. There's an agenda to fulfill and he wouldn't be the WHO's Director General unless he was part of that agenda. Same with Bill Gates' reputation as a legitimate expert in infectious diseases or the chief executive of vaccine maker BioNTech.

COVID-19 is no more a threat than the average flu. The symptoms may be more severe, but the data shows that you have a 95-99% chance of survival. 

Now enters the new COVID-19 virus strain that has mutated. Its bigger, better and more deadlier than before. Get your vaccine while supplies last. 

Now the UK's "new strain" has supposedly spread to Australia and the United States and the hospitals will be overloaded. Bodies piling up in the doorways. Same lies. Different day. 

An activist and former Labour council candidate was arrested for filming an empty hospital ward. Apparently the UK has some kind of Cornavirus Act that was inspired by the Soviet Union that allows the government to show up at your door and arrest you for attending an "anti-lockdown" protest.

388 people aged under 60 with 'NO underlying health conditions' have died of COVID-19 in England's hospitals. 

This is important because scary news stories about hospitals being overloaded are used by governments to justify more lockdowns etc. It doesn't matter whether they are true are not. They flood the news cycle with fear and repeat the lies.

"Britain is facing a long, bleak winter as cold, wet weather and a more contagious variant of the coronavirus put unprecedented strain on the nation’s hospitals and force record numbers of patients to wait 12 hours or more, sometimes on ambulance gurneys, before receiving treatment."

"That picture made Prime Minister Boris Johnson order a third national lockdown that started Tuesday and requires everyone in England to stay at home for at least the next six weeks except for exercise, medical appointments, essential shopping and a few other limited exceptions."

You see...The truth is out there. But people are being bombarded with mostly fear based news stories 24/7. They are not based on facts. Actually most of it it just parroting the same lies.

Everything else (ie alternative media) that hasn't been censored and removed is labeled fake news or misinformation or conspiracy theories.This helps control the narrative.

Recently a pharmacist was accused of spoiling COVID-19 vaccines because he "believed" it would change people's DNA. 

Brandenburg told investigators that he believed the vaccine was not safe for people and would "harm them and change their DNA," the probable cause statement said.

Brandenburg, according to the Grafton Police Department, is an "admitted conspiracy theorist." 

Medical professionals have repeatedly stated the mRNA COVID vaccines do not alter a person's DNA. 

That's all I need to hear. I'm sold. Why would the "medical professionals" lie to me?

This pharmacist is a trained professional who has a conscious. But you see how the media portrays him as a conspiracy theorist to discredit him? And then they repeat the lie about how the vaccine doesn't alter your DNA. I know... I'm digressing.

Were talking about perpetual lockdowns. Permanent face coverings and social distancing. Massive censorship and surveillance. A tyrannical one world governmental system is unfolding right in front of our eyes. I'll admit. Its a little scary seeing it all. 

Reports of a new strain of Coronavirus are going to continue every year until this new phase is complete. By then there will be no normal to go back to. The need to lie about a fake pandemic won't be necessary anymore because the restrictions and lockdowns will be accepted as normal

In what other scenario could church services for Christians be banned? Seriously? Not even during a world war. 

"German police raid church service with over 100 maskless worshippers."

"Police said they arrived on the scene to find dozens of churchgoers flouting coronavirus lockdown rules that ban singing and require people to keep their distance." 

Even the "Evil" Nazi's had the freedom to hold church service during World War II. 

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