New World Order Begins Final Phase of Global Government


Making Global Government News (GGN) commentary reports since 2009 has steered my perception into a direction that could be considered dangerous. While researching various topics I kept coming across a theme. All white people are racist. All non-whites are incapable of racism. All white people are evil and should be severely punished...Even for actions of people who are now dead and who carried out actions against people who are also dead. (ie Trans-Atlantic Slave trade/ segregation).

I personally treat everyone on an individual basis and don't 'hate' people because they are not the same race. However, I do identity as a white male who is not ashamed for being white regardless of what our society says. When I started GGN twelve years ago I didn't think in racial terms because white people are conditioned from birth that race doesn't exist. We are all the same. But I kept coming across articles and events that contradicted this western edict of equality. 

Basically, race does exist when it pertains to crimes committed by white/ European people against 'people of color' and race does not exist when it pertains to white/ Europeans having the right to an identity as a people with a distinct history, culture and homeland.

But even in 2010 I was able to put some of the pieces together and form a very obvious conclusion: The Globalist will eventually replace the Arab Muslim Terrorist image with the white conservative domestic terrorist image. Instead of wars in the Middle East against Al Qaeda, the Taliban or ISIS(All created by the US government) the new war would be against the American people. Specifically conservatives, but now I realize its white people themselves. Instead of global terrorism, domestic terrorism will be the new 'threat.' 

When the media uses the term 'Conservatives' they are referring to white Americans who opposes Global Government and its ideology. Those who believe in a sovereign nation state where they are able to vote for representatives. To not be ruled over by un-elected technocrats who represent global corporations and a small cartel of wealthy individuals. They are against unlimited/ illegal immigration  Most conservatives identify as white and are not ashamed of it. They support traditional values instead of the radical Marxist values that dominate western society. 

Western nations (US/UK/EUROPE etc) have been used for hundreds of years to build this Global Government or New World Order system. The United States carried the torch after the British Empire. All planned of course. They were used to conquer all remaining sovereign nations/ peoples. With the exception of a few countries like Iran, North Korea, Syria, Venezuela, maybe Russia and some eastern European countries the world has been conquered by the Globalist. 

The US and its policy of declaring war on sovereign countries and  killing innocent civilians in order to bring them democracy and freedom is not needed anymore. The US has outlived their usefulness. Now they are a liability. In order to usher in this new global system the United States as we know it must end. No more constitutional rights. No free speech. No gun rights, no personal property rights, no individual liberty, no physical national currency, no borders, no democratic republic where you vote for your representatives. 

The 2020 election has shown every American that your voting system is a fraud. Every American lost that election including liberal Democrats. There's no going backwards. The Capitol 'riot' or 'insurrection' was obviously an event that was originally a grassroots protest of massive election fraud. But that event was used by the media, intelligence agencies and the federal government to demonize patriots, white Americans and 'conservatives.' These hypocrites literally stole an election and accuse the voters(mostly peaceful) whom they stole the election from as undermining democracy. The shear audacity of it all. 

Now all those people who attended the Capitol protest and carried out the 'insurrection' are considered 'domestic terrorist.' Now the government has an example and just cause when cracking down. 


"Those who performed these reprehensible acts cannot be called protesters; no, these were rioters and insurrectionists, goons and thugs, domestic terrorists,” Senate Minority Leader Charles E. Schumer (D-N.Y.) said in a speech after lawmakers reconvened. “They do not represent America.”

Here's a screenshot of what the media was doing:

The media was simply asking the question everyone was thinking. Does the 'attack' on the Capitol qualify as terrorism? You could ask yourself if a year of violent BLM/ ANTIFA riots where cities were burnt to the ground, Federal/state/private property occupied/ damaged, police stations abandoned due to leftist violence, Trump supporters severely beaten was domestic terrorism or an insurrection

But then again, politicians were praising it while the media was calling it a peaceful protest. So why would any rational person believe that the Stop the Steal event, a one day event of mostly peaceful protesters was an act of terrorism? They wouldn't. Which is why the MSM has to flood the internet with stupid headlines like these ones. Its to give the impression that the majority of Americans are asking this question when they aren't. They are masters at manipulating people. 

January 6th is a day lawmakers on Tuesday say should've never happened.

Last fall, the U.S. House of Representatives passed the Domestic Terrorism Prevention Act (DTPA) by a bipartisan voice vote. U.S. Sen. Ron Johnson (R-Wisconsin) blocked the bill from going to the Senate.

U.S. Sen. Dick Durbin (D-Illinois), one of the co-authors of the bill, held a conference Tuesday to explain why the bill was needed.

"If we have taken our oath seriously to guard the United States against all threats foreign and domestic," Durbin said. "We have to include domestic terrorists as our latest threat and one of he most serious."

The DTPA would create offices in the Departments of Justice, Homeland Security and the FBI that would assess and counter threats from far-right extremists.

They are talking about ordinary people here. If you are a 65 year old retiree who voted for Trump and posted something on Facebook you are a suspected domestic terrorist.

The U.S. government is acknowledging for the first time that right-wing extremists were responsible for the majority of fatal domestic terrorist attacks last year, according to an internal report circulated by the Department of Homeland Security.

"When you have people like former CIA Director John Brennan openly talking about how he’s spoken with or heard from appointees and nominees in the Biden administration who are already starting to look across our country for these types of movements similar to the insurgencies they’ve seen overseas, that in his words, he says make up this unholy alliance of religious extremists, racists, bigots, he lists a few others and at the end, even libertarians.”
'Half the country' would be the remaining whites in the United States. She doesn't explicitly say it, but she is definitely implying it. She's also saying that the federal government's official policy is to treat Trump supporters, Conservatives and whites as domestic terrorist. 
She said her concern lies in how officials will define the characteristics they are searching for in potential threats.
I'll give you a hint. Are they white? Are they conservative? Are they vocal about their nation being purposefully destroyed?   

"Information suggests that some ideologically-motivated violent extremists with objections to the exercise of governmental authority and the presidential transition, as well as other perceived grievances fueled by false narratives, could continue to mobilize to incite or commit violence," the department said.  
That's right. If you don't accept someone who wasn't legitimately elected and talk about it on the internet you are an extremist who is inciting violence. That justifies the full weight of the US government to come down on you. 
If you were anywhere near the Capitol on Jan. 6, you may be getting a knock on your door from the FBI.

A D.C. woman said an agent visited her neighbor and called her, telling them investigators were tracking people whose cell phones connected to wi-fi or pinged cell phone towers near the Capitol during the riots.

"They don't call first, they just come to your house," Bree Stevens, a legal investigator who lives near Capitol Hill, said. 

As noted in a previous article I noticed these billboards encouraging people to snitch. 

Gee. I wonder why. The media portrays them as violent terrorist and to report them to the FBI. They used the same tactic for the Covid-19 hoax. To report neighbors who violate stay at home orders.
That same FBI is busy leading 'far right' extremist groups such as the Proud Boys and Oath Keepers. 

The Proud Boys was a group whose leader was an FBI informant. So you could say that the FBI is a terror group.

Prosecutors on Tuesday filed the first significant conspiracy charge in the US Capitol attack, alleging that three members of the so-called Oath Keepers, an extremist militant group, planned and coordinated ahead of the January 6 assault.


Never-mind the actual insurrection that took place by leftist. Where the police were told to stand down. Where the federal government did a lousy job maintaining order. They just didn't have the resources or ability. That same government is now working efficiently like a well oiled machine. The gears of justice are moving forward.

Actually, it reveals the extent of the federal government's role in the Capitol Riot, Attack, insurrection or whatever the hell you choose to call it. You see, there is no threat coming from the right so the federal government has to create a perceived threat to justify their illegal and unwarranted actions against American citizens. Its all in the name of fighting terrorism. 

If the federal government would've allowed the Stop the Steal Protest to occur organically there would have been no storming of the capitol. People, mostly baby boomers were dancing to Men at Work's "YMCA" song after Trump's speech. They would've went home and watched the Masked Singer and forgot about it. 
I watched it live and there were hardly any police outside the Capitol building. There were people behind fences getting rowdy while Trump's speech was still taking place. My guess is that there were operatives such as ANTIFA and the QAnon shaman etc whose sole purpose was to cause an escalation prior to the arrival of the ordinary peaceful protesters. 

Canada considers Proud Boys a terror group. They also consider 
white people a terrorist group. Neo-Nazis and White Supremacist is a label given to regular white people who are conservative.

All of this ties neatly into the COVID-19 agenda. 

If you are opposed to taking an experimental vaccine you are a terrorist.  If you question the election results you are a terrorist. If you own a firearm you could be a terrorist. If you support the constitution you are a terrorist. Free speech? Terrorist. Privacy? Terrorist. Are you white and are opposed to having your country flooded with immigrants from mostly non-white countries? You're a domestic terrorist. I could go on but I think you get the point. Its all so obvious that I feel as though I'm preaching to the choir. 
We are being targeted because we represent opposition to what they are planning. They understand that we will not accept a New World Order which is why they won't allow us to talk about these issues online or in the physical world. Words lead to action. But the days of voting your way out of a situation are over. They've made that very clear with the 2020 election. You're vote does not count! 
They also understand that when Americans fully realize what has happened that they will be left with no other option but to organize and resist the final overthrow of their country. Americans still have some rights left so the globalist can't just round people up. They must first demonize them. 
The only way they can justify their war on American citizens is by labeling anyone who opposes them as terrorist. The globalist overthrew the United States government a long time ago. When Americans attempt to take it back they will be accused of overthrowing the government. You see the irony. They will be declared insurgents and all the resources that have been utilized to fight the 'war on terror' abroad will be turned inward against American patriots. 
Drone bombing civilians, torture, sanctions that lead to starvation/famine, poverty, civil war (race/religious war), displacement, private contractors/ mercenaries and special forces raids.