Why Doctors & Nurses Don't Want the Covid-19 Vaccine


There are many reasons why a sane person would not take an experimental vaccine. That's why pharmaceutical companies, NGOs government officials and anyone else who stands to profit from a fake pandemic must promote the big lie(s). First, that there's a deadly pandemic when there isn't a deadly pandemic. Second, that the only way to end the fake pandemic is through an experimental vaccine that is completely safe and effective when it is both unsafe and not effective. 

The only reason a sane person would accept these lies is because they are misinformed. In other words, they truly believe that they have been adequately informed with all the facts while their source of information is purposefully misleading them by omitting facts and injecting lies. This is how people's consent is engineered. The whole basis for voluntary medicine is informed consent...The patient understands the consequences of the treatment.

Health care workers are tools for the military industrial complex which includes big pharma. Most of them mean well, but they do what they are told. They trust 'science' and the 'experts'. Until they become informed. The best way for health care workers to become truly informed about the Covid-19 vaccine is seeing the side effects in real life. If they try to report that hospitals are empty or people are being harmed by the experimental vaccine they will lose their job. 

I have an agenda. Its to ensure people are properly informed so they can make educated decisions based off facts. So they may live healthly prosperous lives. The media's agenda is to purposefully misinform people so that they may be fully exploited by a third party (ie New World Order scumbags) who stand to make trillions of dollars off them for causing physical, financial, psychological, mental, spiritual harm. 

Frankly, I was surprised to see this headline in the news feed but its a propaganda piece like everything else. They report the obvious fact: "Some Health Care Workers Don't Want The COVID-19 Vaccine"

And then instead of going into the actual reasons (they 're worried they might die etc) they water it down by saying their reasons are "complicated" and it doesn't mean the vaccine is unsafe. Oh..Yeah and they're not Conspiracy Theorist. 

America’s health care workers have lived through unspeakable trauma over the last year, putting their lives and those of their families at great risk as they fight a novel viral outbreak.  

The unspeakable trauma was the boredom suffered due to empty hospitals with no patients to treat. 


They of course have to remind you that 200,000,000,000 people have died of Covid-19 so as to guilt trip you into believing whatever lie they are about to sell. If you don't believe whatever the writer says you are guilty of wanting 200,000,000,000 more to die. Every article regarding the fake Covid-19 pandemic follows this format. 

The development of effective vaccines was always going to be a key turning point in controlling the pandemic and bringing back something resembling normalcy.

A vaccine will set you free. That was the mantra for the last eleven months. It had nothing to with controlling or ending the pandemic. There is no pandemic. It's called black mail. Shut down your economy and lock you in your house for a year. Then they say you might be able to return to some resemblance of normalcy (that's everything that they've taking from you including your personal freedom) if you take the experimental vaccines.

A vaccinated health care workforce can continue manning the front lines in the battle against the pandemic, and be ambassadors for a broader vaccination effort.  

That's  what I meant by tool.

But the campaign to immunize health care professionals has hit a snag as a notable number of front-line workers decline the vaccine.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, just 38% of nursing home workers participated in the federally run vaccination campaign for residents and employees of the facilities during its first month. 

Here's where perception management kicks it up a gear.

Although those numbers likely have risen in the weeks since, and that tally doesn’t include workers who received a vaccine outside of their workplaces, they illustrate the problem. 

So more health care workers are taking the vaccine but they have no evidence that it happened.

 A Morning Consult survey conducted in the first week of January found that 23% of health care workers said they would never accept the vaccine. 

Among unvaccinated employees, 38% said they feared long-term side effects.  

Health care workers appear somewhat more skeptical compared to the general public. 

That's because the health care workers see the empty hospitals and they see fellow workers go down after being vaccinated. The campaign to rollout the vaccines to the public just began this week. And that's the problem they were referring to: You can't have the people tasked with administering the vaccines 'skeptical' or fearing 'long term side effects.' Regardless of what I personally think of most health care workers, they are viewed by the public as a trusted source of medical information. 

If the public gets adequately informed of this 'problem' then there's another problem. They may not take the experimental shot. The poor public has been hammered by the mainstream media since March 2020 with the same lies. The same narrative. Only a vaccine will set you free and the vaccine is SAFE & EFFECTIVE....as nurses and doctors are either dying or suffer horrible side effects. 

Censorship has gone off the rails in trying to keep this truth from the public. They can't. There's too many cases of health care workers and elderly people being injured by the Covid-19 vaccines. All that they can do is control the narrative through massive censorship and constant propaganda articles such as this one in order to 'fix the facts' and 'debunk conspiracy theories.'  Basically so that the public is getting only one source of information on Covid-19/ vaccines. There sources. 

A Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation survey last month found that 13% of Americans said they will never get vaccinated against COVID-19. 

That number is probably higher, but who knows. Their propaganda is very effective. 

But surveys are also showing consistently increasing acceptance of the vaccines since they actually became available, and more than 27 million Americans have gotten at least one dose, so hesitancy may be fading.    

Ahh. Those surveys. Actually they have no way of proving that since the article was written days before the Covid-19 vaccine was widely available to the public via CVS &Walgreens etc.

The point of lying like this is to trick the reader into believing other people are taking this vaccine when they are not. That's called misinformation.

Given how much they stand to gain from a safe vaccine, the fact that many health care workers are reluctant may seem surprising to lay people. Many assume the reticence is an outgrowth of the “anti-vax” movement, or a sign that the vaccines aren’t safe. But the reasons health care workers have declined are complicated and disparate.

You, the reader are the lay person. The reason health care workers aren't taking the vaccine is complicated and you're too stupid to comprehend why. Actually, they understand that people are smart enough to make the connection between health care workers dying and/or suffering severe side effects with the decline in health care workers taking the vaccine. That's why this POS is writing the article. 

This article is super long and I would like to give you actual evidence as to why health care workers don't want their stinkin shot. But before I can do that I must first present the reasons given in this article. 

1) Its racist white people's fault. 

Christina Allen, a nurse practitioner from Hyattsville, Maryland, was initially hesitant to get a vaccine because of unanswered questions about the vaccines and the inequities in their distribution, especially in Black and brown communities.

“I knew I would get the vaccine eventually. I never had a distrust in the science behind vaccinations...." Blah blah blah. At the end of her long quote she admits that her hesitancy stems from this being an experimental vaccine/novel (ie lab made virus).

Thought Police to the rescue:  

Experts and representatives of health care workers and health care employers are quick to emphasize that these hesitant workers aren’t fools, conspiracy theorists or anti-vaxxers.

2) It's Trumps fault. 

Some health care workers have developed deep mistrust of their employers and government leaders during the pandemic, after months of fighting for basic needs like masks and other personal protective equipment.

...when those same authority figures tell them to get vaccinated first, essentially to be guinea pigs for new vaccines, their messages aren’t always well-received.  

The purpose of this Huffington Post piece is to convince you that health care workers are not NOT taking the vaccine because it's experimental and harming people who take it, but for other reasons altogether like racism and an incompetent racist president. 

3) Its the experimental vaccines fault: Wait.. what?

The speed with which the vaccines have been developed and approved also gives some health care workers pause... 

..."Though these concerns are unfounded, she said, health care workers aren’t getting the message clearly enough," said Adva Gadoth, an epidemiologist at the University of California, Los Angeles

You see what she did there. They admit that this vaccine was rushed through very fast (they didn't even finish the last stage in clinical trials) but health care workers concerns about being a 'guinee pig' are unfounded and they need to step up their campaign of misinformation. 

Something public health needs to do a better job of is communicating that to the public and reassuring them that all these checkpoints are in place,” Gadoth said.

Communicating means spreading false information to you lay people. The false information is that checkpoints are in place when they are not. If they skip the last safety trial for an experimental vaccine and administer it to the public without knowing the consequences that is the definition of dangerous. When this unsafe and ineffective vaccine harms you, the pharmaceutical companies will have zero liability which means you can't sue them. I just wanted to take the time to communicate that to the public.

Here it is. Finally. The reason why health care workers don't want their crappy vaccine. Buried in the bottom of the article right before the section about misinformation. 

4) Side Effects are to blame: There are concerns about side effects, too, especially among women who are or may become pregnant, because the science is unclear about how the vaccines may affect pregnancies.

That's all folks! A couple sentences and problem solved. The science is unclear how the vaccine will affect EVERYONE who takes it which is why its called experimental, but by using pregnancies as a sole example of side effects it makes it appear as though its a small segment of the population instead of say a healthy nurse or doctor who freakin dies after taking it. They could've used them as examples being that they're writing about why health care worker don't want to take the vaccine. 

5) Its stupid health care workers fault: No really. They compare them to janitors. (See article for reference)

In addition, health care professionals are susceptible to rampant false information about the vaccines just like anyone else, especially those workers who haven’t had the kind of advanced medical and scientific training physicians and senior nurses have. 

Welcome to the club subhuman low IQ health care workers. Join us lay people, conspiracy theorist, racist, Trump supporters and anti-vaxxers in preventing science from doing their job. 

6) Its Conspiracy Theorist & Anti-Vaxxers Fault:

Vaccine hesitancydoes not mean that our staff are dumb or aren’t making good decisions or anything like that,” said Mark Parkinson, CEO of the American Health Care Association.

I thought that was a nice touch being that the article JUST made the claim that health workers aren't taking the Covid-19 vaccine because they're too stupid to understand science.

“It’s just that there’s been a lot of misinformation out there. There are rampant rumors spreading on social media that the vaccine can cause fertility problems, which has caused concerns among many of the young women who work in our facilities,” Parkinson said during the Kaiser Family Foundation event.

There are legitimate concerns. I remember in a GGN video I made that included a quote by the CEO of Pfizer saying he/they were concerned about the vaccine causing infertility. Its was the corrected/ updated version of his quote where he rephrased his quote as 'the vaccine doesn't cause infertility but we are concerned about the vaccine causing infertility, so much that we should delay the release of it.' (I'm paraphrasing here) The media at that time was in damage control where all you see in the search results is this:

I tried locating that article but had no luck. MSM fact checking articles like these get shoved to the top of the list because their million dollar operations, and favored by the algorithms. Also alternative sources are simply scrubbed as though they never existed. Then the internet/ cable news is saturated with the same garbage that parrots the same message/ narrative. 

DRUMROLL PLEASE..............................


Why do health care workers not want to take the experimental Covid-19 vaccine? I'll give you a clue. Its not racism.



These are the unsung heroes from the war on Covid-19. It was not the virus itself that took them from us it was the cure. The long awaited experimental vaccine that has been proven to be safe and effective. 

If you find yourself making the connection between this vaccine and people who take it dying etc just remind yourself that you're too dumb and uneducated to understand the full complexities of the situation and trust the experts to do your thinking for you. You don't want to be a conspiracy theorist or an anti-vaxxer do you? They are basically domestic terrorist who want to hurt you and your family.   

Please share this article with other people. Thank you for having the patience to read this long a** article.