Dementia Stricken Biden Kept From Public View




The only thing better than a puppet like Barack Obama or George W. Bush is a senile old man who can barely form a coherent sentence. His only duty is to sign documents and read a teleprompter much like his predecessors. The only difference is that although George W. Bush appeared to be kinda dumb he and Obama were able to go out in public, take questions from the press and participate in PR campaigns. 

We all witnessed something strange going on during the 2020 presidential debates where it appeared Joe Biden was being told what to say through an earpiece and possibly wearing augmented contact lenses. He was also very sleepy and giggly. It was actually quite annoying to watch him constantly grinning while being presented with serious issues. 

Photos of his suspected earpiece and contact lenses went viral. During the next debate his eye color was normal and he appeared to be speaking more clearly. But it didn't last long. Halfway through the debate he started forgetting stuff again. 

It's pretty obvious to most people that Joe Biden has been suffering from some level of dementia or Alzheimer's disease. It also seems to be obvious to most mainstream conservatives that the goal was to replace Biden with a more radical Kamala Harris. 

No one knows exactly when that will occur, but his handler's strategy seems to be to keep him out of public view for as long as possible in order to hide his inability to speak or think clearly. Eventually, the White House will issue a statement saying that Biden will step down due to health reasons and Harris will be sworn in as president. 

After eight months of BLM violence there's no way that the American people would believe that Kamala Harris actually won the election. Even though Biden is senile he was a more believable candidate than Harris. Then they simply manipulated the electoral process though massive fraud and took power. It was a coup. 'They undermined our democracy.'


Halfway into his first 100 days, President Joe Biden has yet to hold a formal, solo news conference, raising questions about accountability with the White House under increasing pressure to explain why.

I think it raises questions about whether he's unfit to be a standing president.

Even as the nation deals with multiple crises -- a deadly pandemic and the devastating economic fallout -- Biden has gone longer without facing extended questions from reporters than any of his 15 predecessors over the past 100 years.

The tough exchanges in such a setting can reveal much more to Americans about a president's thinking and test his explanations, as opposed to what so far have been Biden's brief answers -- often one-liner quips -- in the tightly-controlled and often-scripted events the White House has arranged to date.

Being that most presidents are mere puppets taking orders from a global cartel of wealthy individuals and institutions I doubt a press conference will reveal anything about what he actually thinks or believes.

The contrast with former President Donald Trump has been especially striking, especially given Biden's repeated promises to Americans that he'd always be "straight" and "transparent."

A politician promising to be straight and transparent and then they didn't fulfill their promises. Umm.

The previous record was set by President George W. Bush, who waited 33 days before hosting a formal, solo press conference. But that was more of an anomaly: Many others held them within a handful of days or a few weeks of taking office, according to an analysis of documents in a database maintained by the American Presidency Project at the University of California, Santa Barbara.

CNN first reported on Biden surpassing his predecessors' record.

...Aside from that early engagement, his exchanges with the press have largely consisted of him briefly speaking with a small group of reporters who are brought into meetings in the Oval Office or events elsewhere in the White House shouting brief questions at him.

"The president takes questions several times a week," Psaki said Friday, explaining that he has not yet held a press conference because "his focus and his energy and his attention" has been on COVID-19 vaccines and relief.

She said Monday that "the president has done about 40 Q&As since he took office."

But those exchanges are often devoid of any meaningful back-and-forth, and typically last just seconds.

The president sometimes responds to one or two short questions -- if that -- while White House staff members yell, "Thank you!" and "Let's go!" as they usher the journalists out.

"I'm sorry, can't hear him," Biden said on Thursday as his aides screamed over a reporter and pushed the press out of the room. The president did not answer the question.


He has good reason to hide from the public. Since he illegitimately took office the border has been flooded with illegal immigrants and now there's backlash, food and fuel prices have skyrocketed, U.S. and Israeli airstrikes on Syria are escalating real tension in the middle east and people are dying after taking the experimental COVID-19 vaccine. Oh, lets not forget. He wasn't voted in. He's not our president.